XWiki Procedures User Guide

Short step by step guide for using XWiki Procedures

About XWiki Procedures

XWiki Procedures is our cloud based ready-to-use flavor, created for teams that need to create procedures and structure their documents. It's perfect for standard operating procedures (SOPs), compliance and team onboarding.
With XWiki Procedures you can design a workflow that pushes a page through various validation states. You can easily draft documents, solve problems or accomplishing tasks.
  • Create procedures organized by categories using metadata
  • Add covers, associate icons and add comprehensive descriptions with the powerful editor
  • Assign responsible users following the manual workflow
  • Enjoy the customized search, including suggestions based on your content

How do I create a Procedures wiki?

To create a Procedures wiki please visit the Try XWiki page and create a Procedures Flavor demo.
In your demo you will find a sample support knowledge base called "Mission to Mars" that you can use to explore the features:
Main page XWiki Procedures

How do I add procedures to my wiki?

To create a new procedure page click on the Create button and select the Procedure template.

Filling in the metadata

As part of the workflow you are able to set the following elements:
  • EXPIRATION DATE and VALIDATION DATE - use the date-picker to select the dates.
  • STATUS - use the drop-down to select the current status of the document. The possible values are: Draft, Completed, Validated, Archived.
  • RESPONSIBLE and VALIDATOR - click inside the box and start typing the username in order to trigger the suggest; select the user you want to set in that role.
Only filled in fields will be displayed.
Procedures Metadata

Adding the content

You can add your content inside the Editor and use the top menu in order to format your text. Clicking the Source icon will allow you to see the syntax. Don't forget to save the page.
Procedure View Mode

How do I create categories?

To create a new category click on the Créer button and select the Category template.
  • If you wish to add a main category (such as Mission to Mars) make sure you select the wiki Home as the Location.
  • If you want to add a subcategory (such as Leaving Earth), make sure you select the main category from the Location.


To fill in the category description please add your content inside the editor. Use the top menu to format your content. The text will be displayed under the page title, over the cover image.


To add an icon, click inside the Icon box. Browse through the displayed selection and pick the icon that you would like to associate with the category.
You may select between 2 icon types: Font Awesome or Silk.


To set a cover for your category, select Choose a cover and then Choose File. Select the desired image from your computer, then click Upload and Select.
If no image is selected, a default cover will be applied.
Categories screen

How do I search and find procedures?

Your procedures will include content and attachments that you should be able to easily find. When looking for data you can both search and filter results.

Search: Suggest and Results

In order to activate the search please click on the top-right Magnifying Glass icon. Type your query and the suggest box will start showing results. Select from the ones already displayed, or press enter to go to the search page and see the full list of results.
Categories and procedures will be displayed, sorted by relevance. To narrow your results even further, you can use the Refine your search section.
Research Screen

Livetable: Search and Filter

Each category features a table displaying the procedures affiliated to it.
You can use the category livetables to look for specific procedures pages. In the table header you can type in the boxes under the columns or select values by using the drop-downs. Results are then narrowed based on your filters. You can also use the table header to sort the procedures.
Category Livetable

Can I extend XWiki Procedures with other apps?

It is not recommended to install other XWiki Applications or the XWiki Pro package on top of XWiki Procedures. If you are interested in using XWiki Standard or the set of Pro apps, please create a standard cloud demo