XWiki Cloud FAQ

We have gathered below some of the frequently asked questions about XWiki Cloud

Trials and subscriptions

What will my cloud subscription cost?

Our cloud pricing starts at 1 €/user/month at the bronze level. The pricing varies depending on the number of users and the service level. Please check out the pricing page to see the exact cost for your needs.

Can I try it for free?

Sure, you can go to try.xwiki.com and create a free demo instance.

Can I extend my trial?

You can extend your trial another 2 times. You get a total of 3 trials, 10 days each.

Can I convert my trial into a paid instance and keep my data?

When you make a purchase, you'll have the possibility to click a checkbox saying "I want to keep my DEMO data".

What is a user and how are users counted towards billing?

A user is any user that can log in to XWiki and exists in the Users Administration. Logged out visitors or inactive/disabled users are not counted towards the number of users.


How can I purchase a cloud instance?

To purchase a cloud instance you should:
  • Create a cloud demo from the XWiki website. You will get an email to validate your cloud instance.
  • After you validate your instance you can click the “Buy” button located at the top of the wiki. BuyCloud.png
  • You will be directed to the shop, from which you can select the cloud offering XWikiShop.png
  • After that you can select the number of users and the support level. SelectCloud.png
  • After clicking “Buy” you will be able to make the purchase. After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation for your order (and the receipt) by email.

If XWiki is free and open source, why should I pay for Cloud and/or a Pro package?

XWiki Standard, the community version, is great for people who can install, run and customize the wiki by themselves. With the Pro package you enjoy both the benefits of open source and the personalization, support and stability that your enterprise needs.
  • It comes with a full set of productivity and business-oriented applications that extend the product functionality.
  • Where the Standard version relies on forum-based help from the community, XWiki Pro includes expert technical support and patches for both your wiki and the licensed applications.
  • If you opt for the Cloud, you also benefit from hosting, updates, upgrades and backups.
  • Last, but not least, by purchasing Cloud and/or XWiki Pro you support our sustainable open source cycle. Revenues go towards improvements in the open source product which are then brought back to our clients through upgrades.

What payment options do you accept?

We strongly recommend payment by credit card or PayPal. We also accept payment via wire transfer, however the cost of the services will be 30% more.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes, recurring payments are available through PayPal. Make sure that the PayPal account that you want to use has sufficient funds. Then, when you are placing an XWiki Cloud order, you need to select the "Subscription" box and continue with the purchase steps (for example, you will be required to fill in the data of the PayPal account that you want to use).

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund for XWiki Cloud during the first month for monthly subscriptions and within 30 days of payment for annual subscriptions.

How can I cancel my subscription?

There are several situations when you would need to cancel your current subscription: you don't want to renew your XWiki Cloud instance, you want to switch to a manual renewal process, or you want to change the PayPal account through which you want to manage your wiki's automatic renewal.
You can cancel your subscription by going to your XWiki Network account from your wiki instance (from the top right menu icon "?"), on the Subscriptions tab. There, access your current active subscription and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.
If you wanted to not renew, you don't need to do anything else. Your wiki will expire and it will not be renewed automatically anymore.
If you wanted you to switch to a manual renewal process, then, make sure to renew before the expiration date. Check out the renewal dedicated entry: How can I renew a cloud instance?.
If you need to change the PayPal account through which you want to manage your wiki's Cloud automatic renewal, after you cancelled the current subscription, you need to access the Shop, select "XWiki Cloud", pick the support level and duration and continue the purchase process. These steps are also described in the usual XWiki Cloud purchase process described in the section How can I purchase a cloud instance?. Don't forget to select the Subscription option in the generated order so that you set your new subscription. Then, finish the purchase process following the needed steps (for example, you will be required to fill in the data of the PayPal account that you want to use).
If you need assistance with cancelling a subscription, don't hesitate to contact us or create a ticket on the XWiki Network.

How can I renew a cloud instance?

If you need to renew your cloud instance and you don't have automatic payment through a subscription, you just need to click on the "?" icon at the top right of your instance, on the "Buy or Renew" option. You will be then directed to the XWiki Network portal where you will see a shop page with your latest paid order, usually helpful when you want to renew with no change in plan.
Then follow the regular purchase process.

How can I upgrade / downgrade my plan?

If you already have a cloud plan, but your needs have changed and you wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can make a new purchase according to your needs. The remaining time from your prior plan will be converted to the price of the new plan that you select. This will result in the extra days being added to the expiration date of the new plan. Steps to follow:
  • Click on the "?" button in the top right corner of your wiki and then choose "Buy or Renew".
  • You will be then directed to the XWiki Network portal where you will see a shop page with your latest paid order, usually helpful when you want to renew with no change in plan. However if you need to change either the level of support or the number of users, you would need to click on the "remove item" to first remove this order from the cart and start a new order with the desired options.
  • Then you are invited to go to the Shop where you can choose the new plan.
  • Select the desired support level, the number of users and the duration of the hosting (see purchase process).
Please note that as a protective measure, when needing to upgrade or downgrade your plan and you have an active subscription, you would first need to cancel it before ordering a new subscription with the desired plan options. This step is not currently automatic as a client protective measure imposed by PayPal in order to avoid providers (in this case XWiki SAS) having direct access to your bank account. See the How can I cancel my subscription? in case of need.

My business is based outside France. How to I avoid being charged for VAT?

As a VAT registered business in France, we charge VAT to non-VAT customers in the EU. We don't charge customers in the EU who are VAT-registered. To avoid being charged please fill in your VAT Registration Number in your Company information, in the XWiki Shop Profile.


Do you give discounts?

XWiki is cheaper if you buy directly with a credit card or through PayPal. By purchasing a yearly subscription you get two free months.
We are aware though that for some projects paying the full price of XWiki Cloud can be difficult. This is why we have introduced the 50% discount for NGOs. Additionally, XWiki is free for Open Source projects at Bronze level.

How can I ask for an NGO discount?

In order to ask for your NGO discount please contact us.

How can I benefit from the free offer for Open Source projects?

Open source projects that request a cloud wiki, will be able to host their wikis with XWiki SAS at the bronze level and receive regular updates (technical support not included). Open source projects may also request free licenses for XWiki Pro apps. Projects that wish to create a cloud wiki or ask for Pro app licenses, should meet the following criteria:
  • the project should be licensed under a license listed on the Open Source Initiative website
  • the project source code should be available for download
  • the wiki instance on XWiki Cloud should be accessible to the public
  • the request should be made by the project lead or a committer
To apply for a cloud wiki all you have to do is fill in the form on the Try XWiki page and create a new cloud demo instance. In the form, you should specify the following information:
  • the project name, URL and a short description
  • the open source license used
  • a link from where the source code can be downloaded
Once you've filled in the information and created your instance, we'll reach out to you as soon as possible to validate your request.


What is the difference between cloud support and the open source community support?

With professional support, you are guaranteed that your issues will be tackled by the XWiki team, under an SLA. Community support is offered by community members, in everyone's free time, with no guaranteed response or response time.

How can I contact the XWiki Support Team?

To contact XWiki Support, you should create a ticket on XWiki Network (click the question mark icon at the top of your wiki as seen below, then click "Report an issue").
You can also send us an email to support@xwiki.com.
When reporting an issue:
  • Prepare a minimum reproducible case (steps to reproduce)
  • Include error messages and the events or actions leading up to the problem
  • You should also provide:
    • The link to the affected page
    • A screenshot highlighting the issue
    • The full error-message (if one is displayed)
    • Browser details

What languages do you offer support in?

Our support team is ready to answer your questions in English and French.

How do I report a product bug or a feature request?

To report a product bug or create a feature request, please use the XWiki open source project's Jira tracking software.

How do I get access to XWiki Pro if I'm a Silver+ customer?

XWiki Cloud does not come with XWiki Pro installed by default. We prefer to give our clients the choice of whether they want to install it or not on their wiki. To get access to XWiki Pro please install the trial version, then contact our support team to validate it.

What does support for XWiki Pro include?

Support for XWiki Pro includes:
  • Technical support for the Pro Apps
  • Technical support for your XWiki instance

How often will my wiki be upgraded to a recent version?

We upgrade cloud wikis proactively once per year. If you're interested in an earlier upgrade please contact our support team. The upgrade might still be feasible, but we would need to do an analysis before we can confirm it.

How do I set up my custom server name if I'm a Silver+ customer?

Our Silver+ XWiki Cloud users benefit from custom server names. When setting up a custom server, the first thing to consider is purchasing a security certificate. It's important to note that you own this custom domain, which is why we request from you the security certificate that will be used to provide a secure connection. After you send this to our support team, there is one setting you'll need to add to your instance (your wiki's CNAME should point to "cloud.xwiki.com." - the final dot is important :) ). Finally, please recontact the support team so we can make the final settings.

How do I clear storage on my Cloud wiki?

There are cases when the storage available with the purchased Cloud plan is exceeded and in that case, actions on the wiki could be limited to only viewing wiki pages. In this situation, there are several options to obtain more storage:
  • Go to Page Index > Deleted Pages and delete those pages, either one by one or with a click on Delete All button. Repeat this step on subwikis, if existent.
  • Go to Page Index (https://yourwiki/xwiki/bin/view/Main/AllDocs) > Deleted Attachments and delete those files. Repeat this step on subwikis, if existent.
  • Go to Page Index (https://yourwiki/xwiki/bin/view/Main/AllDocs) > Attachments and check the largest files currently attached to your wiki pages and add compressed versions of large images and videos, delete large image or video versions (including from Deleted Attachments). Also, make sure to not keep the same video file, for example, on multiple locations on a wiki. Repeat this step on subwikis, if existent.
  • If you have subwikis, go to Wiki Index (https://yourwiki/xwiki/bin/view/WikiManager/) and delete the subwikis that you no longer use.
  • If none of the above steps offer enough storage, there is also the option to purchase more by selecting a higher user tier or a higher support level in the XWiki Network portal's shop. Check the section How can I upgrade / downgrade my plan? to see how to switch to a different support level or user tier.

How do I import existing data from my on premise instance to cloud?

When you do an import to your cloud instance please import only the content from your exported package, so you don't overwrite standard XWiki pages. To achieve this you should:
  • Go to Administration > Import
  • Upload the backup package
  • Click on the package, then click "select none"
  • Check only the content pages that you need to migrate from one wiki to the other
  • From the XWiki space, select only the users and groups
  • Click "Import"
After doing the import you should test that the wiki works as expected (e.g. look at whether you can view/edit the imported pages, whether they look OK, check if the users section in the global administration displays the users properly etc.)
For more complex imports from XWiki or other tools we also offer dedicated data import services.

How is my data hosted and secured?

Our cloud services are hosted with OVH, in France. OVH is ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Security fixes will also be applied to your wiki, either on instance upgrade or through security patches. Additionally, instances come with the Antivirus app preinstalled, which protects attachments uploaded to XWiki pages by scanning them for viruses and malware infections.