Welcome to the XWiki Network Get Started Guide


Your Profile

You can modify both your personal information and the organization information from the "Profile" tab located in the "Account" panel.
  • To edit your profile information click on the "Edit Profile" button.
  • To edit the organization information click on the "Edit Organization" button.

Instance Page

On the Instance page, depending on the type of wiki (Cloud or on premise), you would see the following details.
If it's a Cloud wiki, you would see the details of your purchased plan related to users, storage limits and support level and you would also see the start date and the expiration date. You also see the current state of the wiki (which can be Active or Expired) and the number of users that are currently added in the customer portal related groups for your wiki: XWikiNetworkPaymentGroup (Users in Paying Group) and XWikiNetworkTicketsGroup (Users in Network Group).
If it's an on premise wiki, you would see the creation date of the instance page on the customer portal, the state "Undefined" and the support level of your plan. In case of need, we could help you with the addition of the expiration date of your contract.


On the "Orders" tab you can check the status of your invoices, including payment and the option to "Download as PDF".


XWiki services and products can be purchased directly from the "Shop" tab.

Support Tickets

To address a support request you will need to create a ticket.
  • Go to the "Instances" tab in the "Account" panel.
  • Click on the "Instance 1" livetable entry.
  • Go to the "Support Tickets" tab in the "Instance" panel.
  • Click the "Create ticket" button.
Keep track of all your tickets by clicking on the "Support Tickets" tab on the "Account" panel. You can see there the full list of tickets created by your organization and their status.
Create Ticket.png
A form will appear and you will be able to fill in information about the issue you encountered.

Tips when reporting a ticket

  • Document all information regarding your installation (only needed on the first issue or when the installation changes)
  • Prepare a minimum reproducible case. When submitting a service request, the support contact should have a baseline understanding of the problem you are encountering and the ability to reproduce the problem in order to assist XWiki in diagnosing the problem.
  • Include error messages and the events or actions leading up to the problem
  • For user interface or end-user issues you should provide:
    • The URL to the affected page
    • A screenshot highlighting the issue
    • The full error-message (if one is displayed)
    • Operating system and browser details
  • For back-end or installation issues:
    • Provide a listing of the logs files (Eg: catalina.out, catalina.log)
    • Provide a contact person able to modify the installation (not applicable when the support service is complemented by a hosting or server maintenance contract)

Tickets Video Tutorial

Check out a video tutorial with how to create a ticket from the XWiki Network customer portal.